Thanks for checking out my work; I hope you liked it! I've had the joy of being a commercial photographer since 2005.I was introduced to the art of photography in College, while getting my Art degree. I would spend long nights in the dark room developing prints the good old fashioned way. I have a strong base in manual film photography and I've grown to love
digital work as well.

My background in Fine Arts has brought a definitive influence to my work.
In all my shoots I inject creativity, uniqueness, and an artistic touch. I love shooting anything outside of the box, new, or fresh. I love to photograph clients in bright vibrant urban settings, or to drag vintage furniture out into a grassy romantic field, mount the bride on a dreamy
white horse, lay her down in a bright colorful blanket of leaves, or set up a romantic scene on a vintage quilt.  I’m passionate about finding ways to inject art into every event and portrait I shoot.  

Whether it be a beautiful classic traditional wedding or a wild themed wedding, I take great care in tailoring my work to each individual client. Beautiful outdoors, vintage elements, bright colors, and creative backdrops or props are things that bring inspiration to my work. I love to create unique, beautiful, custom work for each client thinking up one-of-a-kind shoots to
suit their unique personalities.  In my editing I love bright colors,vibrancy and a fresh look.

Thanks for swinging by to check out my work and I hope that I'm the right
photographer for you- if so, drop me a note on my contact page and let’s start planning a beautiful unique shoot for you.