Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Very DC Love: Josh & Rachael at Hotel Monaco DC

 After the winter of hibernation, we as photographers are just bursting with creative thirst to get back in and capture the beauty, joy and special moments of a couple’s big day. It’s always a treat when the couple is exuding love and beauty as they take the step to a life together. Rachael & Josh were just such a treat to start off the 2016 this past spring. Hope you enjoy.



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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Review of 2015: Many thanks to all our lovely couples!

We shot our first spring kick off 2016 wedding last weekend so I thought I should get myself back in gear with the blogging.  I wanted to start this year's posts with a review of the amazing places went, people we worked with, and memories we captured. Thank you to ALL our wonderful clients... and 2016 gals & guys... excited for a smashing year!! Cheers, Michelle xoxox

Turn the volume up on this one... 

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Monday, November 23, 2015

British Heart Foundation Shoot St Andrews Scotland

When I was in College studying Fine Arts (...err like last year [cough cough] ) for my degree I had to take classes in ALL mediums. Drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, sculpture... these classes I loved. Graphic design on the other hand... ugh. Not so much. But now that I'm all grown up I'm really thankful that we had to learn it all for I've found it pays off to be a well rounded artist. Which brings me to today's Inspire-me-Monday post.. GAHHHHH! So stoked.

This was a shoot I was invited to cover to display the items sold at the 'charity shop' (what we call thrift store)  for the British Heart Foundation. The British Heart Foundation uses the proceeds from local shops, to help fight heart disease. The shoot took place in 2 locations with University students as models (University of St Andrews, in Scotland U.K.) highlighting what awesome finds are hidden in these shops... and all for a great cause!

Rusted off my graphic design skills... decided to blog a la Polaroid!

Our first stop was the University quad; a gorgeous old chapel with vibrant ivy and weathered stone... gorgeous!!! 


Part TWO was set on the North Sea shorelines as the sun was setting. So much fun! 


SO fun! Big thanks to the fearless director and visionary for the shoot Sergio (photographed on the left below)  and for giving me an opportunity to share my eye and everyone involved to bring this fun opportunity together.

Sergio is meeting with an rep from the foundation to discuss the use of images for an ad campaign. I designed some mock ups for the ad. Wrote the slogans, and dusted off my graphic design skills, let me know what you think by leaving a comment (they will be approved before posting).  I had fun!

(I'm not really able to size this properly to read online but the Polaroids have the prices for each item the model is wearing  ex "Woman's tweed blazer $12 , men's boat shoes $9 ... then the last one says 'Finding that special girl... priceless) 


( I need to get the "pounds" on my computer instead of USD.... I'm going to try and figure that out this week)  My first slogan I came up with "Saving lives never felt so good"  :)  And my second below "Bag Fashion, Beat heart disease".  Sergio's vision for the shoot was young, fun, fresh, so that was my goal with the design and look. Hope you enjoy! 

This one has the prices for each then says "Times with friends... priceless

And on my walk back, I think I was part of a conversation... but I just can't walk by things... so much beauty. I kept saying "You go ahead..." It's like a kid trying to walk by a candy shop without stopping... impossible. My eye just will NOT let my feet continue.  A few snaps from my walk home

(Pablo did that one above make you proud!? )  It's very you!

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