Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jason & Ngoc's Whimsy Wedding

Well, if you liked their engagement session... hold your breath for their wedding pictures.  I must say, it was just a fantastically whimsical, happy day. If you remember, one of Ngoc's 3 words for her wedding style was whimsy... and it came through. I'd add the words girly, fun, romantic, and silly! Her and Jason were precious and they were so happily in love.  I was on the job from 9:30 am Saturday, till 12:15 am Sunday.... but I didn't look at my watch once!  The day was full of beauty, laughter, and love. Here's a peak at the magical day...

I know... I know- isn't Ngoc stunning? And I think a requirement to be a bridesmaid was to be drop dead gorgeous and to be a size 2! Seriously, the single guys must have thought they hit the jackpot! And speaking of beautiful... I loved the flowers. There were about a million different kinds of yellow and pink flowers and they were placed very simply in mason jars, with ribbon and a button. The final result made you want to walk around the whole place and examine each unique blossom.
As fun, gorgeous, and sweet as her bridesmaids were, I was having way too much fun doing the groomsmen pictures! These guys were up for anything even coming up with ideas crazier than mine! Loved it!

Love the expression on the top right one- haha. And they spontaneously broke out into a balloon fight- I just tried to shoot and not fall off the bridge (which I later did!)

I love you Nogc for laying in the grass! You rock

For their exit they did the sparklers... so fun! And after they left we had a little fun with the leftover sparklers. We started by trying to write "Jason [ heart ] Ngoc ".... we didnt' do so hot...

... so we gave up and decided to simplify....

There are SO many more pictures I could share... but then they wouldn't have much of a surprise in their wedding album would they? Thank you Ngoc, Jason, and everyone who was involved in this beautiful day. May the Lord greatly bless your marriage.

Michelle x o x o x o


  1. Love it ALL! It's good to have a job where balloons and sparklers are normal.

  2. I LOVE all the bright and beautiful flowers!
    So happy!

  3. Michelle, you are amazing!!! I'm dying to see the rest of them!

  4. It looks like fun. I love the one with the groom's men jumping in the air. Beautiful close up shots as well. Thanks for sharing yoiur creative work!

  5. Michelle - I'm dying. This is SO beautiful! I can't wait to work with you!

  6. Thank you all! I feel so blessed to be able to have such a creative job and LOVE when I get fun clients like Ngoc and Jason- what a treat!

  7. These pictures are amazing the folowers are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till you do mine!!! oh.........

  8. magnificent shots!!! Can't wait to see all of them