Sunday, July 10, 2011

Forget -Me -Not Mondays!

If you've seen my work, you'll understand why I tend to attract a lot of very artistic clients... which I love. I love when clients give my mind permission to dream up something new, fresh, and artistic. With the wedding I shot this past weekend my art juices were flowing and I really enjoyed shooting Dan & Lindsay' s wedding. The highlight of the day though, was when we wrapped up our group shots 15 minutes early and they let me kidnap them and drive down the street to take a whirl on this gorgeous bright, vibrant carousel! What a treat!!! I am dying to to show you all of them... but alas... you'll have to wait! Until then enjoy this- how stunning is Lindsay? How do I get these beautiful clients?! Happy honeymoon Dan & Lindsay!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors. this inspires me; I want to do a very colorful stationery piece

  2. What a GREAT shot of the Bride and Groom! We're talking 'Magazine Material'!

  3. thanks ladies! I feel lucky to have clients that let my imagination take us to beautiful places.... hopefully it will be in a magazine... will submit!