Monday, August 29, 2011

Forget -Me -Not Mondays!

Weh! What a week! If you're reading this from the D.C area... you don't need me to fill you in on what has happened in the past week.... but in case you are from out of state; let me fill you in. Earthquake, hurricane, and two days without power. Weh. What a week! Our prayers go out to all who were hit hard with this week's hurricane and especially those still without power.

Thankfully we just got power back late last night just in time for this week's Forget-Me-Not Monday post. This week's pic was from a wedding a few years back of the lovely Ally Smith. This was back in the day when we lived in the Bluegrass state and I LOVED shooting this beautifully classic summer wedding. There were these stone ruins that just oozed romantic fairytale pictures and we shot until the mother of the bride came on a golf cart and ripped us away :) 

PS. If you're into decorating Ally has the COOLEST blog ever. Check it out here


  1. Love you, Michelle!! You're amazing! I had almost forgot about my mom screaming at us to come to the reception! Great memories!

  2. Love that wall, especially in black and white!