Saturday, August 6, 2011

Larry & Shereta's Wedding at National Harbor

Last week I had the pleasure of shooting Larry and Shereta's wedding at National Harbor. It was a beautiful summer day, and as always... the bride was stunning.

I abbbbsolutey loved the necklace and clutch she got on etsy.

The groom had his own special accessory! How funny! Yes, the Transformers!

Major kuddos to the bridal party for hanging in there for a few pics in the 100 degree weather! We were all surely 3 pounds lighter at the end of the wedding from all the sweat we emitted! And lovely flowers from Liza at DBI Events. I love the broach that Shereta added.

Then I took Larry and Shereta from the Aloft Hotel (above) across the street to catch the remains of a blush sunset at the Harbor. How romantic!

Next we enjoyed a beautiful reception at the Sunset Room of National Harbor (right on the water!)

Now here go some major props. I knew the girls at DIYva Designs had been working hard on this wedding, but when I got to see the centerpieces and decor hand made by creative director Sugar Bailey... I was amazed.

 Shereta and Sugar decided on a book theme. Sugar had all these book stands made by a carpenter (!!!!!!) and she painted them and lettered the books.  The thing I love about DIYva Designs is that they don't just re-do what's been done, they create new, unique ideas, never before seen, hand-crafted ... it's so cool!

She made everything from the labels on the cookie jars, and chocolate bars, to the paper flowers and cupcake stands. The cupcakes were from nationally renowned Georgetown Cupcakes and I finally got to see what the big fuss was about... dang! They were good! And look at these party favors... chocolate chip cookies... yes please!

The guests got to enjoy a fun photo booth with props.  It was very fun and they got to take home Polaroids as a souvenir. (One the young teenagers have never seen or heard of a polaroid before and was amazed... wow, that made me feel antique!)

What a great wedding! Best of wishes to you Larry & Shereta


  1. Your pictures are wonderful! I do agree that the wedding was very creative! Love all the great ideas!

  2. Many congrats from the Clark family that was not able to attend. Your pictures are beautiful. Many blessings on a life filled with happiness and love.

    Neicey and family

  3. What a gorgeous couple! The set-up looks spectacular. Congrats to all involved!

  4. I love the pictures. Wishing you and Larry the best times of your lives. Congrats