Monday, September 12, 2011

Forget -Me -Not Mondays!

Sometimes photographers get known for one specific picture they take. Like for example do you know who Steve McCurry is? Probably not! But I'm sure you know his picture "Afghan Girl" 1985.

Often photographers will be known for one picture. I would be surprised to meet someone who hadn't seen the above picture. But very little people know of his more recent work... as or more beautiful than his famous Afghan Girl. Check these out:

Wow! Amazing. I love that green and red one. Amazing!

So you're probably wondering what this little soap box has to do with me and my Forget-Me-Knot Monday post? Well, I have my own "McCurry" picture. Not nearly as good as his Afghan Girl picture, but it's that one picture that everyone remembers, comments on and loves. I'm sure you remember it if you've seen my work

Not unlike McCurry, I took this shot very early on my my career, back in 2005 if I remember.  I had (hallelujah!) a bride that was willing to lay in the leaves. I set up the bride and groom and I stood above them and shot from overhead. After a few shots I said, I want to get higher. A groomsmen brought me a chair and I shot from a few feet higher. After 5 or 6 unsatisfying shots... I exclaimed, "I want to be HIGHER!!.... like way up ...." and as I looked up to the sky above I saw a tree branch about 15 feet up. I exclaimed ... "up there!!!" pointing to the branch.  A grromsman let me climb on his shoulder, and I shimmied out to the edge of the branch.. and BAM! there's my McCurry picture!

I've done similar things for other shots, stood on rickity fences, climbed on the roof of golf carts, I even recently fell backwards into a swamp trying to get a shot! When I have an image in my mind, I do almost anything to get it! Thankfully now that I have an intern I can have her spot me as I balance on perilous beams and climb on various unsafe things!  But hey- that's why you hire me right? I get the shot! :)

I'm a little tried of seeing my leaf picture... since I've been seeing it for 6 years... but I guess I can't complain... that one shot alone has branded me in the mind of many brides-to-be and booked me more gigs than I probably realize! 

And by the way, like McCurry I'm still producing new and fresh work. I have some AMAZINGLY exciting artistic weddings booked for 2012... so if you want to keep up with my latest work click on the FB button above to keep updated with my latest work and postings!

Have a great Monday!



  1. I can't beleive all that you did to get that shot from above! Unreal! Be careful!!!!