Friday, September 23, 2011

Kristine's Rustic Senior Portrait

Wow... what a treat! Yesterday I got to shoot Kristine's senior portrait.  I know I say this every single post... but what in the world?!!? How do I attract the world's most gorgeous clients?

Some tell me that I'm a great photographer... but I hardly feel that I can take any credit with the beautiful, fun, creative clients I somehow attract! Okay enough about this, let's see the pics! For some reason I was totally feeling the black and white look on these. I call it my black and white vanilla, I love that touch of warmth, especially on this rustic barn shoot.

I thought about titling this post the "Gorgeous Hair Sesh"... I mean seriously....

Just LOVED the black and white. But of course you know I'm going to throw in some color for you....

Wow, what a great sesh!  I usually have a standout favorite... but I just can't pick on this one.  What about you all, which one is your fav? And you like better B&W or color? I think I'm a sucker for B&W on these. Thanks Kris for the great sesh!

I call your wedding pictures!!! :)

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