Monday, October 3, 2011

Tabard Inn Wedding- Mitch & Jess

A few days before their wedding, Mitch sent me his timeline for their big day. I think there was about 4 lines to it, and the last four hours were described as "Feasting, dancing, and merriment" . Those were definitely the words to describe this wedding at the Tabard Inn, in D.C.

I'm used to walking into the bridal suite before the wedding and being swarmed by a frenzied bridal party, florists, makeup artists and a cachophony of cell phones going off. I could barely believe it when I walked in Jess' suite.  She and Mitch were finishing up a relaxed breakfast of scones and coffee as Mitch played her guitar and zipped up her dress. There was NO stress, franticness, or overwhelming traffic. Just two best friends getting ready to walk down the isle.

This was not posed. I swear it was SO sweet and sincere.

 Soon after, we took a stroll around the neighborhood for some adorable city shots. I'm loving the dress-aren't you?

 I loved the bouquets Mitch's aunt made for them as a wedding gift- stunning....

They strolled into the ceremony hand in hand. The reception was followed... by as they wrote... dancing, singing and merriment.  The last 30 minutes or so were dedicated to a longtime tradition of improptu singing from the old band Mitch was part of in College. They closed out the wedding by having everyone join in to classic Beatles songs... finishing with the crowd favorite- Hey Jude.

Thanks Mitch and Jess for allowing me to capture such a beautiful day. It truly was a highlight of my 2011 wedding season. Best to you both!


  1. These are absolutely lovely, Michelle, (as are your comments)!

  2. what adorable illustrated table cards!