Monday, August 20, 2012

Country engagement Session: Kurt & Chessy

So excited to share this beautiful post with you all. Let me introduce you to another one of my beautiful couples... Kurt and Chessy.  When you find out your that one of your clients is a designer you're #1 instantly intimidated, #2 super excited because you know you are going to able to be uber artistic. And what fun troopers they were as I threw all my out-there ideas to them (excpet they didn't like the idea of trying to mount one of the cows... I don't understand!??!)  I'm loving these pics, hope you enjoy too!

I found this shelled out wall once and pitched it to a few clients with no success. Finally Kurt and Chessy caught the vision and I love the shelled out stone remnants with the beautiful overgrown greenery. It made me think of this romantic scene from Drew Barrymore's Ever After movie. So romantic.

Feel like you recongnize this barn? You probably do because it's my favorite venue: Silverbrook Farm

One of my creative goals for this year's season was to really incorporate creative poses. I get so tired of seeing the same poses over and over so I've been very intentional to come up with new ideas and fresh poses. I thought this one below I came up with was pretty cute and laid back.

I'm a big fan of bright, bold vibrant color... but every now and then I get sucked into doing some vintage work. Here's my hat's off to the vintage style, I couldn't resist on a few of them. What style do you like best? Leave a comment below.

I know... really close up right? Too close? Both their eyes were just so stunning! See me in their pupils haha!

So what did you like best? Color or vintage- leave a comment.

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  1. Chessy...Kurt...My oh My! If this doesn't look like a dream then I don't know what does...This is just breathtaking...the landscapes, the scenery and greenery (if there is such a word) and did I mention the two Lovers...Absolutely pleasing to the senses...makes you want to fall in love too! Thumbs up Michelle, you've shown country can be chic!