Sunday, February 2, 2014

Apology to my fellow photographers

Dear Readers,

I wanted to share my sincere apologies to my readers and to my fellow photographers. I have recently been approached about my "Inspire-Me-Monday" post in which I posted images on a certain topic as inspiration to my brides. These posts were marked as "Inspiration posts" and had a clear notation in which I expressed that these images were NOT my images but rather images found online on the topic discussed. In my, un-educated-on-this-topic-mind, these labels and notations were sufficient.

This afternoon, I had a phone conversation with Neil Van Niekerk, in which he was generous to take time to explain to me why this format of credit was absolutely insufficient and unacceptable.  Although it was a hard conversation I am very thankful that he took the time to share with me on my improper use of images. Although this was in no way posted with malicious intent I send my sincere apologies to my fellow photographers for the improper use of images in my inspiration column. Moving forward I will only use images which I have taken on my website or blog.

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