Monday, February 17, 2014

Urban DC engagement: Eva and Jason

You know when you go to Ben and Jerry's ... somehow all the flavors are half empty. I always wonder, who orders the flavors like "Chocolate Peppermint chunk"? Really? You want to waste 1000 calories on the taste of eating chocolate and brushing your teeth.  Just not my flavor. (I go straight for the cookie dough milk shake. YUM!) 

Alright, what in the world am I talking about? Engagement sessions. Old Town engagement sessions can be VERY beautiful, classic and romantic... but it's just not my flavor. So when I get a request for a DC urban engagement session and words like "graffiti" and "vinyl records" shows up in the email... you hit my flavor! When I chatted on the phone with Eva about what she was looking for, I knew we were made for each other 

Eva and Jason were SO fun, laid back and cool. Everything from the fushia shoe  laces to the vinyl records, we had a great time.

And then of course when the emails about flying to the Florida Keys came I DEFINITELY knew were were even more soul mates than I had already realized.

Half way through the hot summer shoot faces were getting flushed and we were all melting into a puddle! I had the idea to stop a grab a beer/ have a cool photo-op. Great way to end any sesh. 

Well friends I hope I cheered-up your back-to work Monday and that you enjoyed the pics. Let me know which one you liked the best by leaving a comment below (it will be approved before it posts) and Pin your favorite.  If you don’t already follow us on Facebook, I encourage you to. I post pictures on there that I don’t on the blog, links to freebees, DIY projects, wedding trends, inspirational ideas, and of course creative, artistic photography. So if you haven’t already I invite you to “Like Us” by visiting us at so you can be part of the fun!  Have a great week!

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