Monday, May 5, 2014

Old Town Engagement Session: Becky and Michael.... but Austin steals the show!

 Howdy ho! Hope you're having an AWESOME spring-a-riffic Monday. If you're kinda in a dragging-back-to-work mood, this video will definitely pick you up! Becky and Michael were SO sweet, fun, and laid back. It was supposed to be an engagement session but it ended up being a photoshoot for their dog Austin. She was just do darn cute I couldn't resist him! Hahaha! Enjoy this video I put together for them and scroll down to see some of the images from the shoot. Hope you enjoy... Cheers! Michelle xoxox

Click here:  Michael & Becky Engagement Video

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Yes, it's true. I stood on the farthest rock possible in the Potomac with a few thousand dollars worth of gear around my neck to get this shot.... but so worth it don't you think?

 AHHH! So cute! Love them! Can't wait for the wedding later this month.

Hey, can you do me a big favor... stop for ONE second and think.... do you know a SO awesome couple that just got engaged that would LOVE this kind of creative, fun, colorful wedding photography work? (Nothing snooze-a-rific here). If you think of someone can you email them this link? Just real quick? Or just text them that you've got the perfect photog for them and to call later? Thanks man! I O U!

Alright Thanks! Have a GREAT DAY!!!

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