Monday, November 17, 2014

Alexandria Engagement Session: Krista & Andrew

Well, today you get to meet... my little cousin.... AHHH! Yes yes, we were little baby buddies crawling around in diapers and look he's all grown up now! LOL. Sorry to embarrass you Andrew :) Well Krista and Andrew have been dating for AWHILE... to put it lightly... and 25 years ago when I thought the time of the proposal might be coming I called the rights to do all engagement and wedding pics... and finally the day has come! YAY. Congrats guys. Love you both.

I felt really weird telling my little cousin to kiss someone. I hope my Aunt Laura doesn't kill me LOL!

PS. I shot this whole series balancing on the log (with all my gear) IN, yes IN, the swamp.... my yoga is paying off!

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(this is Pablo and I at the wedding this past weekend- Partners in Crime!)


I got to see Pablo's baby: Santiago this weekend... SO cute!!!

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