Monday, November 3, 2014

Flora Corner Farm Wedding: Jessica & Scott

When I write blog posts, I try to choose the 10 best images. I flag the ones I can't live without sharing, edit, and post. Well... when I clicked "select flagged photos" on this one.... 50. yes fifty. Of epic gorgeousness "I HAVE to blog this one". You won't be surprised when you see why, Jessica and her mom created incredible details that lead to beautiful shots every corner you looked in. From vintage pieces, amazing signage to a beautiful venue with golden corn rows and blue skies... it's no wonder that it took me so long to pick my shots! And, the dog. I tried. I mean I really tried to not let him takeover. But he's SO freaking awesome... he even has his own Instagram account!! So... sit back, enjoy and happy back-to-work Monday. Cheers, Michelle

Huge thanks to Agung Fauzi and Leah Kelso who were representing Team Awesome at this wedding!


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Have a great weeek! Muah xoxox   Michelle

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  1. Thank you Michelle, they are beautiful as we anticipated; and Stella, their French Bulldog made a precious bridesmaid. You have whetted our appetite for more. 😀