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2014 in Review from team Awesome

How was the 2014 wedding season for you this year?

It was awesome. Totally awesome. It was busy, it was a whirlwind! I loved going to so many different venues. I had some really rockstar brides. Off beat, sweet, fun... loved my gals this year. (and the grooms too yes yes. ) I really had some epic moments trotting Virginia vineyards, shooting on rooftops in NYC,  photographing a beach front wedding in the keys... AMAZING. Also, was super fortunate to have my work printed in a few mags and win some awesome awards, top 5% of DC Wedding photographers from The Knot and  Bride and Groom Washingtonian "Best of DC" Always feeling blessed with those unexpected honors.

2014 Favorite venue to shoot at?|

Oh man! So hard to choose. The fun thing about my job is that one weekend I'm at a vineyard the next I'm at a swanky hotel in DC. I guess if I had to choose I would say:

Pruyn House

... in Albany NY. Zach and Casey were just the sweetest ever and super off beat. The venue was quaint and beautiful. I rented a cabin with an outdoor hot tub to detox and shot a cool abandoned train. LOVED it. 

or at Eva and Jason's destination wedding in the keys...

Another couple I just LOOOOOOOOVED. Eva and I still chat sometimes. She was SUPER off beat did a rock and roll themed wedding bc the guys are in a rock band. So insanely awesome.

  2014 Favorite dress?

Two way tie. There were so many poofy lacey dresses that I loved but I personally am not a overly girly girl so I loved these more tailored detailed dresses. Linda's is one. It was elegant and unique and had beautiful beading.




And Jessica almost made me loose my breathe when she walked out! She had a Marchesa dress that not only fit her like a glove but was so original. LOVED IT. 
and subcategory favorite balero... goes to Sarah. She added it to her dress after the ceremony and it was like a whole new dress... stunning

2014 Favorite bridal party?


I don't usually know my clients outside of the wedding, but Hannah and David were friends of mine before they hired me to shoot their big day. It was so fun getting hugs between shots and knowing most of the bridal party which makes it easier to loosen them up and get them giggling. Bridal parties always look at me like I'm a total goofball when I'm posing them and just being myself, but it makes it a lot easier when they know you're a goofball going into it!

2014 Favorite getting ready shot?

Love this lovely lip shot of Ashley's wedding. Very modern and commercial. Loved her gorgeous freckles, she was gorgeous.

  On a completely different note, love this shot from Laura's wedding. I took her dress to the back wall of the mansion in the heart of historic DC where she was getting read and I climbed to hook it on this vine. Loved it.

Loved this shot of Sachoy getting ready. This was a candid moment and I try not to interrupt. I popped my shoes off and climbed up and balanced on the window AC unit (Lol!) to get the shot and it was totally worth it.

2014 favorite candid moment shot?

 That's impossible. I mean they're happening all day long. I think the ones that come to mind is where the people in the room have allowed themselves to tune us out and kinda loose their awareness of us. That's when I hide in the corner, pop out my big mama zoom lens, and wait for that magic moment where the emotions are right there on their sleeves. These are two. The one to the left is Mallory and her mom after seeing her in her full wedding attire for the first time and  shot the one below is Andrew's dad taking a moment to look out the window and surely think giving his son away. (Elliott shot the one below and I edited it into B&W- just seemed to fit)

  Also just LOVED this sweet shot of Becky. She has the BEST bubbly, sweet, happy, loving personality and after she kissed Michael, the turned the corner and was exploding with happiness and saw me and did this. So Becky. So sweet. 


2014 Favorite reception shot?

This is one I know for sure. Some of the groomsmen were taking shots and we went and got Jemaul, the groom. I stood on a box behind the bar and we had them all take a shot together.. the images are priceless and these guys were lighting up the dance floor. It was such a fun reception.

2014 funny while shooting a wedding moment?

Oh dear! There are A LOT that I wont share! Let's just say when people start drinking, and you're not drinking, sometimes it becomes very entertaining to observe. On a share-able note, at a wedding this year I went to the front desk and said "I'm here for XXX's wedding it's in room..." and I started scrolling in my phone messages for the room number I got that morning from the bride. The clerk interrupted my scrolling and said "Oh, I know it's 1850". So I stopped pulling up the message and just went to the room and walked in. Only the bridesmaids were there so I didn't know them per usual, started unpacking my gear and chatting with the girls. Within 5 mins  of chatting I realized it was NOT my client! LOL. The lady had sent me to another bride's room. Oye! At least I was super early so I was in the right suite way before my start time!

Bride and groom shot you love?

Ummm about a million. Every wedding I have or two shots that I'm just "GAH!" over. Here are a FEW but there's SO many. I do love this one because the emotion and joy is really captivating. I love when my clients loose their awareness of my presence I can really grab special moments.

 I love this one. It's a very creative shot a la Michelle! I had the idea to open the door on the top (which was possibly illegal but oh well) and it turned out awesome... Mallory and Rob... LOVED them.





And of course I love any combination of LOVE + TALL GRASS + GOLDEN HOUR. GAh.  Hannah and David.

 And so very DC :) I had suggested with Ashley and Arash that he take an UBER around DC and hit up the spots since they got married right there in the heart of the city. We did China Town, monuments and cool modern sculptures. Awesome


 Hopes for 2015? (photography related) 

 I really worked hard towards the end of the year on my night shots. Pushing through my weaknesses to practice some new techniques. I got  a few great night shots, I'd like to keep working on that next year. Always improving! 

Favorite Engagement shot from one of your upcoming 2015 brides?

I loved Meg's very DC architectural shoot. I'm just DYING for their wedding. She booked me in 2013 for 2015. I thought it was a typo... nope, she just really made me wait that long :) She's getting married in March, I can't wait!

This is Krista and Andrew. I get to go to Michigan next summer to shoot their wedding... YAY (I've never been) ! They came to DC for the engagement we did it on the water it was so cute.

New years wishes to clients:First a big thank you to my amazing brides for 2014. It's SUCH SUCH SUCH an honor to have a person trust you with the biggest day of their life. I mean at the end of the day, when the food is eaten, the center pieces are boxed up all the planning is over... all they have left (apart from each other of course which is the best) is what I captured. It's a HUGE responsibility and a huge honor. THANK YOU GIRLS. And you allow me also to make a living doing what I love. THANK YOU. And to my 2015 brides.. SO EXCITED! GAH. New girls that I'm gonna just love capturing, new venues, travels, moments. SO excited. Let's make magic!!! :) 

 (as you'll see from the answers Pablo sent me that I'm much chattier than he is!!!)

How was the 2014 wedding season for you this year?

My 2014 wedding season was great. I loved every place I shot and the amazing people I met.

2014 Favorite venue to shoot at?

White Hall Manor was beautiful and I found an abandoned room upstairs that I brought Sallie to and I really love how those pictures turned out. 

 2014 Favorite dress?

"My Favorite dress was, Bahar, ( I find this question pretty feminine)."

  [lol Pablo.. what do you want to tell us your favorite suit?! M :)]

2014 Favorite bridal party?

I loved the guys from Diana & Vivek's wedding were so fun. They own a MMA studio so they were doing a bunch of ninja stuff. 

And the guys from Sallie and Heang's wedding were super stylish. 















2014 Favorite getting ready shot?

I really liked the shots of Fabio getting ready. He had a cool style. 
















2014 favorite candid moment shot?

Cassie holding her daughter crying.

2014 Favorite reception shot?

Svetlana having a drinks with her friends.

2014 funny while shooting a wedding moment?

Well I was shooting this wedding and I hit my head real hard against on window door, I guess was pretty clean, during the father and daughter dance, 200 guest start laughing at me, no good.!!

Hopes for 2015?

Grow as a photographer learn more be more artistic, take more pictures of my son.

New years wishes to clients

Wish all happiness love and good things to all.

2014 was a blast!!  I really enjoyed venturing into some amazing venues, meeting some achingly beautiful couples and working with two of the most incredibly talented photographers that I know. I feel creatively renewed and desperately look forward to what opportunities 2015 will bring.  

2014 favorite venue?
Washington DC!!! Grabbing an ├╝ber car and hitting up DC for the most spectacular Urban back drop ever!


Bahars dress was simply elegant... I loved how it flattered it all the right ways yet did not take away from her classic beauty.

bridal party

 I loved the girls in Renne's bridal party. They were so laid back and easy going.  It makes the day so much more memorable with the bridal party is easy going

getting ready


Getting ready is honestly my favorite part of photographing a wedding...its sooo hard to choose.  But if I have to :)

favorite candid moment shot

I love the raw emotion of a first look...or the quiver of a grooms chin as he to hold back tears during vows.

Favorite Portrait


















Funny Moment

OMG 2014 was full of akward moments as I tried to navigate my usually shooting style with a gigantic pregnant belly.  I remember laying on the ground like a beached whale with you in DC trying get perfect angle as the metro police approached to let us know we weren't allowed to shoot there.

Wishes for next year

I hope 2015 will bring as many creative opportunities as 2014 did and I look forward to getting know many new couples and their families. Many Best wishes and may God bless you and your new family moving forward into the new year.


Big thank you again from ALL of us on Team Awesome this year for making 2014 a HUGE hit. We love you, and wish all our brides so much hapiness in this new phase of their lives and we are SOOOOO excited to get to know all our 2015 clients better and share in your big day. 

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