Monday, May 11, 2015

Rockland Estates Wedding MD : Marcus & Katie

Okay, I feel like this is the kind of post that you need to sit down at the end the day with a hot cup of tea and your feet up because it takes you away to a happy place.

Pablo and I shot this wedding two weeks ago and were in visual heaven all day!  Rockland Estates was breathtaking... rolling hills, historic mansion, and perfectly curated decor & art by the owner Monica. The only thing more lovely than the venue was the bride. Katie is a hair stylist so of course her hair was incredible and she was just all around stunning. I've been asked before how do I always get the most gorgeous clients? I don't know! I have no idea but Katie is adding to the list. And Marcus was so stylin' from head to toe. (he's a graphic designer can you tell?)

Loved it so much... had to make a video:

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Have a wonderful fantastic AMAZERS work week and swing back next Monday for more awesomeness on the blog!

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