Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jason & Ngoc Windy Potomac Engagement Sesh

When I book couples I always ask them to describe their style in 3 words. I can’t remember all 3 words that Ngoc chose but the two that stuck in my mind were sweet and whimsy. Great words! I wanted to do something different and fresh… with everything in bloom, inspiration was abundant! I’m calling this my A D D shoot because I had  S O many ideas and I wanted to do them all! So we did! Towards the end of the shoot we were sprinting along the river trying to beat sunset … but we got it all in and  it turned out beautiful. Ngoc and Jason were… need I say gorgeous, fun, and sooooo adorable.  Definitely sweet and whimsy. 

Jason was cracking me up. Like most guys, being in front of the camera was not on his top 10 list of things to do.  So he followed a few tips I gave him... but also he came up with his own little trick that was hilarious! He decided to bring along a little flask of whiskey which he would periodically slip out of his pocket and sneak a swig from. It was so funny... and definitely did the trick. Are you going to refill it for your wedding J ? 

This is one of those ideas that came to me while lying in bed ... love when something turns out just like you pictured it in your head! 

And continuing the theme of A D D... I sometimes say that I have editing A D D. I love my pictures bright vibrant and colorful... but then I also love them vintage and shabby looking.  So here's a few from the other side of the coin...

their tagline was ...

... love it- so presh. ( and loving my new vintage type writer! ) Toodalooo!


  1. Very cool. This is a professional job and so ELEGANT. Proud of you

  2. I love the soft green weeping willow trees, the bright yellow daffodils, the lace blouse...you captured Springtime love!

  3. Brilliant...Sheer brilliance!

  4. Beautiful photography - Beautiful people!