Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome to a peak inside my creative mind....

Bonjour! Thrilled to be launching my new blog and share all my fun artsy shoots with you all! I'm so excited to plant roots down in DC and I've been busy shooting since I unpacked my last box.... err … I don't think I have actually finished unpacking yet (almost a year later)! Oh well! Here are some shots I've done since I've been here, and stay tuned for more awesome work to come. And one last thing... I'd like to give MAJOR props to my girl Sugar Bailey from DIYva Designs (DIYva Designs sugar & art blog ) for designing my blog for me… she is a design goddess y’all! (and she’s my new D.C.  BFF… I think we may have been separated at birth…. mom?!? ) Alright… enjoy…. Leave lots of comments!


  1. I am LOVIN' it ladies! I'm looking forward to seeing/reading more.

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  3. Sugar - you did an amazing job! When are you coming over to hang out with Michelle so I can meet you?