Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Looking for the perfect intern!

Really excited to begin accepting applications for a photography intern. This will be an A W E S O M E opportunity for one person to gain a deeper knowledge of photography, digital editing, coaching clients on posing, and how to deal with... bridezillas... just kidding! I love all my clients :)  I made this poster to post around the city. If you have a spot (at a University especially) that would might want to post this for me please contact me and I will send one your way! If you know anyone who would meet the below qualifications please share this link with them. Thanks y'all! (yeah, yeah... I lived in Kentucky for 5 years... it wore off just a bit! )


  1. Love the flyer! Unfortunately I noticed that "photography" was misspelled in "phot(o)graphy intern". I hope you're loving DC!!!

  2. I know! I even had two people proof it! I fixed it on the one I'm sending out to be posted :) Hope you're LOVING marriage girl