Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shabby Chic Dream Wedding

I'm still on an artistic high from last weekend's wedding. I had the privilege of photographing Sam & Veronica's wedding in Purcellville, VA .  I can't even begin to describe how charming, beautiful, and perfectly shabby every little thing was about this wedding.  The location, Silverbook B& B was stunning (website doesn't do it justice). Overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, it was a dream come true venue for any vintage-loving person.  The venue had grand rustic barns, antique furniture, and every last corner was holding some beautiful fragile little detail that I just could not help but photograph.

When I got upstairs to the quaint little room where the girls were getting ready, I was even more amazed... how absolutely stunning did Veronica look? And I think you have to be a supermodel to be one of her bridesmaids because they were all gorgeous... and fun, and wonderful to work with! Sam and Veronica had a sweet meeting by the barn before the ceremony. Needless to say.... Sam was sweetly speechless when he saw his bride.

I know.... beautiful hunh? Can i just say the Temple girls (the bride's sister and mom) did an AMAZING job decorating! Wait till you see these tables, flowers, centerpieces.... everything was stunning. Uh... did I mention the girls did their own bouquets? Wow!

The wedding and reception were beautiful. A warm breezy day, overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains... everything was perfect!

I know... I'm showing way too many.... I just can't resist sharing the excitement!

As the sun was setting I had a great time walking around photographing as daylight gave way to candle light.  The whole scene became pitch black with flickering candles illuminated guests who lingered and laughed. It was truly magical.

and of course for any wedding with sparklers you know I have to have some fun! Thanks Veronica & Sam for letting me share in your special day. (Scroll down to next blog entry for a few pics from Muriel)


  1. What a beautiful wedding! Great job Michelle!

  2. This is breathtaking! Our dream client right Liza? LOL

  3. I'm so glad that one of my sparkler hearts came out half-decent! Michelle, you were amazing and I love the pictures!

  4. Michelle- you're so gifted!! You truly captured the essence of how perfect the wedding was- I can't WAIT to see the rest!! love love LOVE!!!

  5. I enjoyed looking at ALL these beautiful pictures! Don't ever say you posted too much! I can never get enough :), especially when people work so hard to create the extraordinary details. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of that magical day! Loved it!

  6. Hi Veronica,
    I work with your father and I just had to comment. What a beauty! Michelle, the pictures are just adorable; I love the vintage look, just great taste all around.

    Veronica & Sam - Just remember to always keep your marriage in the hands of the Lord!

  7. Michelle,
    You are incredible--somehow a creative talent came forth that was equal to capturing the soul that was put into Veronica's wedding!! How can we thank you enough for the beautiful tribute you have given our daughter's wedding...You are absolutely the BEST!!!!

  8. Amazing work, again! I just love the personal choices the couple made, and how it all shines in the photographs.

  9. Thank you all for your kind words, and thank you Veronica and Sam, and all involved for a beautiful day and for allowing me the opportunity to share in it. Blessings to all xoxoxo