Friday, June 3, 2011

Sugar's Portrait... a sweet shoot!

Haha.. get it? A sweet shoot... Sugar?! I crack myself up. Okay... I know... I'm so cheesy! For real though, we had an incredible shoot with Sugar. If you haven't already read, Sugar is the co-owener of an incredible wedding planning and design company in DC called DIYva Designs. We got to shoot her portrait and had a blast. It was my intern, Muriel's, first gig with me. I told her not to get used to having someone so beautiful, easy, and modelesque... she had an easy first shoot! Sugar was stunningly beautiful and so fun to work with. Hope you enjoy!


How tight is this wall? I love also when I get clients that let me unleash my creative ideas and are up for whatever! Thanks Sugar- what a fun shoot! 

We had planned to do an urban graffiti shoot and we enjoyed this funky artsy wall... but then we spotted this beige wall which I thought would look great with her lovely dress... I think I ended up loving these even better. What do you like better... the graffiti shots or the beige wall? Would be curious- leave a comment.

 ...and you know that I have to throw one vintage one in there for the road :)  And remember to read the next post. Our new tradition:  my intern Muriel's "five fav". Have a great weekend xoxoxox


  1. I like the beige wall for the pensive shots.

  2. Both great--and totally different! The graffiti wall is so FUN but I love the softer beauty and big smiles captured with the beige wall!

  3. I love love love the beige wall w/ her white dress & jewelry....gorgeous! better than a magazine.