Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sun kissed family Sesh

Okay- before we begin... let me clarify one thing... I do not do family portraits. I just don't. Sorry. Having said that... this past week I shot a family portrait! I know... I know... but how can I say no? Chris used to wake me up at 1:30 am and drag me out of my College dorm and make me get milk shakes in the middle of the night. And would make runs ever so memorable by sporadically blowing "snot rockets" as he felt the urge.  I mean how can I say no to that? And sweet Abigail and I have been dear friends for almost 10 years... so on my recent trip to Florida I just had to say yes!
Unfortunately, our shoot got rained out within about 15 minutes of being at the beach! Oh well, we got a a handful of adorable ones, had LOTS of fun, and who doesn't love eating ice cream in the rain at the beach?

One last thing... true or false... the photo shoot ended with Corban (the boy) in his skivvies on my lap swinging at the beach park in the rain? ... Don't worry- all my sessions don't take on this nature! Thanks Pendraks- SO fun!


  1. What a beautiful famnily! You capture the magic of life with that camera. I swear.

  2. short or not this shoot looks great. probably just right of the kids attention span. plus, they got ice cream. i'm jealous!