Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Sunflower Engagement Sesh

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE my job? I somehow manage to attract the

#1 Sweetest
#2 Funnest
#3 Most beautiful

clients in the DC/ North Virginia area. I love when clients let me dream away a creative artistic sessions, and hang in there with me as we lay in leaves, jump in sunflower fields, and ride horses bareback. I have the coolest clients ever!  This shoot will go down as one of my favorite engagement sessions ever (err.... along with Ngoc's  and Veronica's.... as I said I have too many awesome clients!)

Melissa and Dan were SO fun. They were flirtatious, playful and so incredibly photogenic.  I think Dan gets the award for best guy/groom model this year, he was a pro in front of the camera and came up with all kinds of great ideas and poses. 

  I loved working on these pictures. I think color is one element of photography that I love working with and boy did we have lots of it! Bright golden sunflowers (three football fields long of sunflowers), clear blue skies, and don't you just love their outfits? So cute! We had fun walking through the fields, jumping, and laying in the grass. I'm so happy with how our shoot turned out.

Weh! After all that hard work we kicked back and soaked in the beautiful sight as the sun gave way behind the green field spekled with gold. It was a wonderful shoot!

This shoot was actually attempt #2! We came a week earlier and the flowers weren't quite ready and the rain flooded us about 20 minutes after our arrival :( But we managed to snap a few cute ones before we got rained out. Thanks Melissa and Dan for a wonderful sesh. Can't wait for your wedding. Are you sure you don't want to move the date up? I'm so excited.


  1. Pocks...these shots have got to be your best ever...how do you manage to keeping topping yourself when your last sesh seems untoppable? Praise God! Love you!

  2. Amazing…you capture bold color better than anyone I know. These are beautiful!

  3. LOVE it Michelle!! Beautiful colors & such a happy, sweet theme. Some of your best!

  4. These shots are fabulous! Where did you find a field of sunflowers in DC?!