Monday, November 21, 2011

Rustic Romantic Fall Shoot

Happy Monday! I know you all are excited because it's a short work week.  I hope you have a great Thanksgiving this week and set time aside to be thankful for all the blessings in your life. My list is too long to share, but at the top of the list I thank God for my loving family, my husband and daughter who mean the world to me!

I shot this session a few weeks ago and thought it turned out very sweet. You may feel like you've seen this couple before... well you have. I've been blessed to shoot Ngoc and Jason THREE times this year :) I shot their engagement and wedding this past year... and we squeezed on more shoot in before winter... maybe a Christmas card?  Hope you enjoy!

Side note: I always tell couples to "coordinate" but not be "matchy matchy". I think this is the perfect example. Integrating colors and textures is so much more interesting to me then the jeans and white shirt.

Here is what I call my "editing ADD". I love bright color, and the vivid modern look, but I'm also a sucker for the vintage look. So here's a little vintage to cap the shoot off as the sun set over the barn... 

Happy Thanksgiving and keep tuning in for more creative photography, and inspirational wedding ideas. You can sign up in the top right under the birdcage that says "subscribe" to receive an email notification when I post a new blog. Thanks and tune in next week for more good stuff!

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  1. I like the ones of the couple on the fence. Also, where they are in the lane in the"woods".