Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Photographer on staff for MVP !!!

Christmas is just around the corner and since having kids, I don't make much of a Christmas list for myself... but there is one thing I have had on my wish list for quite some time. I've looking and hoping to find an AMAZING photographer who is extremely talented, experienced and has the right personality to join the team.  I've been searching for awhile. It's not incredibly hard to find someone with "a good eye", it is though, harder to find someone with amazing editing skills, then add to that having experience, a great kit bag of gear, and a great out-going personality... the combo is VERY hard to find.... which is why it's taken me SO long to find a perfect photography partner.

But having looked for a long time I'm happy to announce that Michelle VanTine Photography has found the perfect edition to the team for the 2012 wedding season!!! Let me introduce to you....

STEVE WILSON!!!! [clapping and cheering!]

I could talk awhile about how amazed I was when I saw his work and scoped  out of photography knowledge... but I think I'll just let his work speak for him. Check out these beautiful portraits he has shot.

 Steve's full time job is that he is the second bassoonist for the National Symphony. (So cool hunh? Him and his wife are both musicians for the Nat'l Symphony and perform at the Kennedy center multiple times a week!!!) Being such, he ends up shooting many portraits for musicians.  The above one is one of my favorites.

He has an excellent sense of composition as you can see from the above left picture, and his work is always beautifully detailed and sharp. I love it!

This is another one of my favorites. He's really good with black and white as well as color. He does a great job of capturing eyes with catchlights and getting a beautiful direct into-your-soul gaze from his subjects. It's a hard-to-find ability to make a client feel comfortable and vulnerable in front of the camera, that's really a hard skill for many photographer; Steve does a GREAT job at it.

He also shoots lots of kids portraitis which will be exciting for all the parents that email me and ask me for kids portraits (but I'm usually booked).  This first one below is my FAV!

Let me tell you a little photography secret. When you see a pictur like this with BRIGHT colors, sparkling eyes, and great color pop.... yes, you had good color to work with.... but NOT THAT GOOD!! That is MAJOR photoshop (or lightroom) skillz my friend!

Here's another example of his mad photoshop/lightroom skills. Beauuutiful!

So there's a little spattering of his work for you all. Isn't he amazingly talented? He'll be working on the team (with Muriel and I) shooting wedding, engagements, and other portraits.  With his level of talent, and his experience he'll be a head photographer (shooting with an assistant) for 2012 weddings. For brides on a bit of a tighter budget, or if I'm already booked (or if you just think he's much better than I am!!!) you can book your 2012 session or wedding with Steve as your lead photographer.  For more information or questions, or to check availability, you can contact me at contact@michellevantinephotography.com

Welcome to the team Steve! We're SO happy to have you!

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  1. love this guy's photographic eye!!