Monday, October 8, 2012

Clifton Wedding: Larissa and Byron

Okay, a few house keeping comments out of the way... yes, the blog. Crazy right? Still under re-branding construction... so just look at the pics! :) OK... now I am SOOOOOOOO beyond excited to share with you the pictures from Larissa and Byron's Clifton wedding I shot last weekend.  It's almost impossible to pick a favorite shot for my opening shot- there was just so much beauty but here you are... I call it 'Sunray Shower'.

Okay... rewind to the beginning. This wedding was just a tremendously adorable one.  Middle school puppy love... Byron with his mathematician straight laced-self couldn't get high-school boy-crazy Larissa to give him a shot. Thanks to over a decade of patience and a rekindled friendship years later as adults via Facebook this couple's paths finally converged.  They were oh so sweet and so in love, you can just see it in the shots. Sit back and enjoy.

Larissa was the hostess with the mostest. Even on her big day she wanted to make her out-of-town guests feel welcomed and put together this little welcome box. What a great idea. (PS. I want to eat that cookie SO badly!)

I caught this one (below) of the groom while he was waiting for the ceremony to start.

After the ceremony we started family pictures and when the sweet little flower girl was called to come for a shot... this is what we got. I SWEAR I did not orchestrate this. So funny! She was an absolute doll all day I guess she just had a short 5 minute misfit she had to get out of her system :)

Okay here come my absolute favs. If you have ANY experience in photography you know that shooting a backlit situation is one of the hardest settings to shoot in technically and man, I really got what I wanted out of these shots, and it fit the day and their sweet love just perfectly.

The reception was at this beautiful restaurant down the street named Trummers on Main. It was absolutely beautiful with big windows letting tons of natural light in and the food was out of this world.
This jam was made as a gift for the guests by the mother of the groom. The guests could choose from Apricot, Blackberry, or Strawberry.... drool!
A big thank you to Larissa and Byron for allowing me to share in your special day. It was truly a wonderful day, I really enjoyed it SO much.

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  1. Michelle! These are so awesome! We're loving them! A big thanks to you and Muriel for capturing our day!!!

  2. Michelle, beautiful photography, as always! I really love the backlit pictures - just gorgeous! Larissa, you make an exceptionally beautiful bride. :)