Monday, October 1, 2012

Newborn Sesh: Baby Max

You're probably thinking... what the heck happened to the blog? Everything is different! Yes! I know. I'm in the middle of re-branding. I'm LOVING my new logo (you'll see it on the pictures below) that the ever-talented Sugar at Diyva Designs came up with for me. The blog is going in a totally different direction still so don't look at it now because it's not going to look like this at all soon :) Just look at the pics! :)  You like my logo though? I love it!

Awww so let me introduce baby Max! For the record, I am NOT a newborn, or baby photographer! I just don't think it's my strength. But, when my dear friend Brooke found out she was having a boy (my son Tristan's future BFF) I wanted to give her something special as a gift. So, even though this is not my field of expertise, I was hoping I could snap one or two that she would like, and you can't really go wrong with a blue-eyed, thick black- haired little stud like this guy right?!

Not only did I get to play with this melt-your-heart adorable little guy, but I loved working with Brooke and her minimalistic modern style.  She said she liked things simple- keep it about the baby not the props- which I totally agreed with. These days I feel like the newborns shots can sometimes be dominated by props, hats, baskets and all that jazz... and you loose the focus on the most beautiful thing... the adorable little baby! We tried to steer clear of that, keeping to a solid neutral background. I call this one "Blue Steel".  

Ahhhhh so precious right?  And look at this little tiger growl... ahhh. He was 7 days old when we took these.

Ahhh,  precious. So although I'm not a newborn photographer... maybe as my brides start to have babies I'll have to make more exceptions! I thought we got some keepers. What do you think?

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  1. Im having a baby JUST for you to photograph it. lol