Monday, January 28, 2013

Chosen "Best Of" 2013 Photographers from The Knot

Sooooo.... did you guys notice my new badge in the left sidebar???

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!  [Me jumping up and down like a little girl!]

Okay. Now if you're from planet earth and under the age of 40, there is no further explanation for what is "The Knot". But for the rest of you... here's some info.

The Knot is a wedding website and network for brides. 

- Nearly 1.8 million new members join The Knot Wedding Network every year.
-  On average, almost 5,000 new members join every day.
- They deliver the biggest weddings study in America— allowing us them showcase key trends and market-by-market facts.
- Owners of which is the #1 wedding vendor reviews site, with 400,000+ reviews from real brides providing information on top vendors.

They also have the top bridal magazine in the nation (in which I will be printed as Top 4% of photographers in DC/VA/MD in June!!!)

What does this mean?

1) I was chosen (this is not an award that you apply for but rather that you are selected for) out of thousands of photographers in the DC/VA/MD area as the top 4% of photographers in the DC/MD/VA area by The Knot

2) I had the  highest bridal reviews for the DC/VA/MD area. To read my 100%  5 star reviews click HERE

3) I will be listed and promoted for the 2013 season online and in print (in the June issue) as "Best of" Photographers for the area as selected by The Knot. 

At this point you may be amazed- but honestly, I owe this win to SO many people.

#1 to God who blesses me WAY beyond what I deserve.

 #2 to my husband who is AWESOMELY supportive and encouraging,

#3 to my AWESOME associate photographers Steve and Muriel this past year who rocked it

 and # 4 to my AWESOME brides!! Creative, artistic, fun and laid back. I would not have my work if it wasn't for the work you put into your weddings. Thank you so so so much! You give me my material and without you- there would be no me!! And thank you for reviewing my work online.


I could TRULY not have done it without all of you! I share this mind-blowing award with everyone who was a part of our 2012 season.

Let's do it again next year!!!  (Shoot for the stars right?) 


  1. Congratulations Michelle!! You deserve it!

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