Monday, January 28, 2013

See it all... a album from start to finish

Howdy y'all! (I know, I lived in KY ... bad side effects!). So I wanted to switch it up a bit this week. I know you all enjoy seeing my posts from my events and wonder what an entire wedding album looks like so I'm  going to share one today. Each spread is two pages telling the story, from beginning to end of each couple's special day. Hope you enjoy!

I always really enjoy making the first look page, if the couple's do one. Capturing that emotion and special split second where the groom sees his bride for the first time is priceless!

As you'll see below we do take a traditional bridal portrait, standing together, looking at the camera (the MOBs would kill me if not!) but once we cover that we mix it up with some more creative portraits.

We do bridal party shots in a fun way and capture the setting and all the details that you put so much work into as a bride!
In our couple's portrait (after we take the traditional MOB picture) we do more creative, natural work that captures each couple's unique personality.

For the ceremony we stay towards the back and try to remain unseen while still making sure to get the shots. Often brides are shocked when they get their pictures and say they didn't see us at all during the ceremony. We love capturing those special moments like the sparkle in dad's eye as he walks his baby girl down the isle or the bridesmaids trying to hold the tears in during the ceremony. We plan so that both the groom's first look and the bride's first look is captured when walking down the isle.

I get asked this a lot, YES!!! OF COURSE WE DO FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS!! And we always include these in the albums.

At the reception, we used advanced flash-bouncing techniques which gives our clients BEAUTIFUL well lit reception pictures without that yucky white flash look.

And not only do you have a BEAUTIFUL archival album to remember your special day for years to come but you'll have over 42 cover choices, from Nabuk leather, to Japanese silk in every color and shade to best suit your style and thick beautiful pages that will resits years of handling. These albums are TRULY heirlooms that you will pass on for generations. 


We hope  that you enjoyed seeing one of our custom-designed albums and that we'll be able to make a beautiful album for you one day soon!


  1. I have a question... what kind of camera do you shoot with? Lenses? Filters? From: A burgeoning photographer!