Friday, January 11, 2013

Meet our newest all star photographer: Pablo DeLoy

A few month ago, I sent an email to Pablo asking if he would have any interest in joining my photography team. Having followed his internationally publsihed work, I fully expected for him to laugh and hit delete without a second thought.  When I quickly received the news that he would love to talk more, I pinched myself several times... I cannot tell you how happy I am to have such an accomplished photographer on board.

The thing that drew me to Pablo's work is that he's truly an artist. His compositions are creative, his colors are bold, and he has a great eye for detail and emotion.  After seeing his highly artistic pictures it was no suprise for me to read that he has TWO degrees in Fine Arts (graphic design and photography) from Montevideo, Uruguay and Milan Italy. 

This shot above was taken when on assignment for famous international chef Jose Andres who hired Pablo to travel with him to Spain to shoot local scenes for his cookbook

He shot many scenes of Spain for this book as well as this well known and widely used portrait of the internationally renown chef.

He has also shot show scenes from Uruguay, Italy, Spain, China and many other countries. You would think he has been on staff for National Geographic with a cursory glance at his portfolio.

I was drawn to his sense of off -entered composition which is a defining mark of my own work and something that our brides love.

In addition to being highly artistic and uber creative, Pablo has over 20 years of photography experience shooting local landscape, food photography, and editorial work for publications such as The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times and The Washington Post.  He has shot film and digital since 1981 giving him an extremely strong classical training base, as well as complete mastery of all advanced techniques that some self taught photographers are still trying to figure out. 

As though this wasn't enough he has also assisted and shot many weddings in the past although this has never been his primary focus as a photographer.

How did I land such a highly accomplished photographer you may wonder? I have no idea!!! (Don't ask him though because I don't want him to ponder that question too long!!) I'm SO thrilled to have him on our team this year. He will fit in perfectly with this artistic bunch and will leave a big trail of happy brides in his wake! 

I know my clients will enjoy working with Pablo, enjoying his amazing talent and fun laid-back personality. If you're interested in booking your date with Pablo email me (via my website and let's block off your date before his calendar is bursting at the seams! 

Thanks Pablo and welcome to the team- we're so thrilled to have you! 

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