Monday, April 29, 2013

Muriel breaks through the Senior Portrait Market with a bang!

I'm thrilled to share these latest pictures... are they blowing your mind... guess who shot them... NOT ME! That's right. It's my amazing, talented, super sweet photographer Muriel.  She's starting her 3rd year with me and it's plain to see has caught the bug for beauty and creativity. Check out these shots she did for Christine and Quincey. Sit back and enjoy! 

After talking with Christine and hearing about her style, she came up with this idea of "hippie chic" and I loved it! 

Also, Muriel had a great shoot with Quincey. Quincey requested to shoot in Old Town.  If you're a photographer in Alexandria, you get that request all the time, so we like to change it up and keep it fresh. Bring a new angle to it and do it differently. Muriel really knocked it out of the park.

She threw a few of our classic bright color pop ones in there too! Love it girl! Way to go. 

Hope you enjoyed! If you're a loving these shots and want to book your own custom-designed portrait session with Muriel shoot us an email through our "contact" page (top right of menu bar).  We'd love to get to know you better and plan something artistic, unique and beautiful to capture this special time in your life.

Big high five for you Muriel... you ROCK! 


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