Monday, April 22, 2013

Laid back Rustic engagement session: Brian and Jessica

Howdy ho! Really excited to be sharing with you guys shots from my latest engagement session.  I got to capture these images with Jessica and Brian. As you scroll down, you'll quickly be able to see that they are THE sweetest, most laid back couple ever. YAY! I had SO much fun working with them. As you'll notice we just laughed the whole session away. They were up for everything... even letting me climb way up in a tree! 

Since we shot at the end of winter, we decided on a location that I suggested that had lots of texture since we had little greenery out yet. I love all the wood, rocks, stone etc.

Jess did so good on accessorizing with her scarf and jewelry. The color is so stunning. Doesn't she look just breath-taking? Oh yeah... Ryan you looked great too! :)

Yep, I climbed the tree again! (I've also climbed feeding trophs, gold carts, and all kinds of things!)

So Eddie Bauer... or J Crew... Nice Ryan
I love it when I get an idea in my head, and I ask my clients to do something out-of-the-box... like "Can you lay down in the grass by yourself for a minute and let me sprinkle flowers around you?" They look at me kinda sideways, but do it anyways... they typically leave the session thinking I was crazy (but with sore abs from all our silliness) ... but then they get their pictures and.... ta-dah!

What a GREAT session. I can't beleive I have to wait MONTHS before finding out how Jessica can possibly look more stunning then she does here! Well, I guess I have enough to keep me busy! Thank you Brian and Jessica for a wonderful time together.

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  1. Love these! Can't wait for my turn:-)

  2. what was the location of this engagement shoot?