Monday, April 22, 2013

Newseum Wedding: Charles and Malaika's traditonal meets modern day

Hey everyone! Hope you're having wonderful days and enjoying mother nature- FINALLY booting winter out the back door! I'm so excited to share this wedding with you that I was blessed to be part of a few weeks ago. Sit back and soak in all the beauty! 

I didn't think anyone could hold a stick to the wedding I had shot the week before with the stunning Vera Wang dress and Jimmy Choo shoes... but then Malaika pulled out these bad boys... and my knees buckled slightly.

Yeah, you did read that correctly, those are gorgeous Valentinos

I just LOVED the big asymmetrical bow on her dress... really brought a distinctive look to her dress

PS. How much do you love the ring below?

I usually follow the bride in my own car but to avoid parking stress in DC I hopped in the limo, and boy, am I glad I did because I got some gorgeous shots! 

The limo pulled up to one of DC's most famous churches, AME Church (African Methodist Episcopal) in DC. It was beautiful and has hosted many distinguished guests such as most recently the Obamas.

After this beautiful traditional service, we hoppped back in the limo and went to the complete other side of the spectrum and  continued the celebration at the uber modern and visually amazing Newseum .

Something I've learned over 8 years of shooting weddings, is that often, the 'in-between' moments are the ones that I am the most drawn to.  Being focused and vigilant on those in-between moments has shown much fruit. I love catching those times when the groom helps the bride out of the limo and the sunlight floods in. Or those moments when the bride takes one last glance at herself in the mirror and smiles before walking to meet her groom. Also the times when the mom of the bride watches the first look hidden in the corner as her daughter meets her husband... those moments are the most precious, and I LOVE being proactive about catching those special times.

 I couldn't resist sharing this moment that I snapped. hehe!

P.S. This is the new trend... the groom holding the bouquet... love it or totally bizarre... leave a comment... I'm still on the fence

The couple said that after their beautiful, traditional wedding they wanted to have a little fun... which, of course, is right up my alley! 

Family and guests had the pleasure of enjoying a roomtop cocktail hour overlooking DC as the sun crept down below the city... it was spectacular!

I love this shot. I had Charles put his jacket on her... looks so natural

The "grandma" shot.. the one that mom and dad and grandma love!

And I took one of each of them that turned out nicely

The reception was BEAUTIFUL and I LOVED working with the uber-creative and super sweet Ruby from Invited Special Events.

 Such a creative way to do escort cards, right? LOVED the colors!

Caught a big bear hug by Malaika's brother. What a sweet moment!

Partway through the reception, fireworks went off over DC. We snuck out to look at them!

what a backdrop for dinner!

 The whole evening was stunning. I could show you SO much more, family pictures, dancing and such... but then Malaika and Charles wouldn't have many surprises, would they? I want to end with this shot that I got by going outside and using a tripod. Thanks Malaika and Charles for allowing me to share in your big day; it was stunning, and so full of love and laughter.

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