Monday, April 8, 2013

Strathmore Mansion Wedding: Ted & Andrea

Oh boy. This was the first wedding of my 2013 and Ted and Andrea brought the year in with class, elegance and lavish beauty. Between a stunning Vera Wang wedding dress, flowing orchids, and the absolutely beautiful mansion at the Strathmore... every single think my eye scanned all day was calling my clicking finger!  So sit back and enjoy...

This dress was seriously THE most stunning dress. 

I make a personal goal at every wedding I shoot. A majority of my weddings are off-beat DIY weddings, so I knew this was going to be an exciting and challenging wedding for me so my goal for this day was to capture the day in a very artistic way while really conveying the elegance and sophistication of the day. I thought this mirror I brought (below) fit the bill perfectly :)

Thank you Andrea and Ted for allowing me to share in such a beautiful and meaningful day in your lives. More to come soon!

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  1. The couple is gorgeous, setting to die for and you got some amazing shots. Very suggestive, impressionistic and creative.

  2. Gorgeous shots of a beautiful couple. I love the setting and you captured the beauty of it all. Love your style too.