Monday, July 8, 2013

A Very DC Engagement Session

[From Muriel] Several weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting Ian and Eve's engagement shoot.  We had so much fun!  Wishing you guys the best!  Enjoy!

[From Michelle] Take note, I always tell couples to think "coordinating" rather than matchy matchy" Eve and Ian did a GREAT job at this. Color, pattern, they look coordinating but not matchy matchy... high five guys!

 [From Michelle]  

Are you drooling like I am??? Muriel is ROCKING MY WORLD this year.  I feel like a proud momma seeing her take off on year 3 on team MVP. SO fun, so modern, colorful and fresh.  So Michelle VanTine Photography! She's got it down pat.  Good job Muriel... leave a message and give her props if you're loving this as much as I am. 

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