Monday, September 16, 2013

Not-So-Corporate Headshots! (Taylor + Hov)

If you're thinking "Michelle VanTine... doing corporate headshots?!?!" Then yes, I would say you know me pretty well. That's certainly not my thing.


Well, that is, unless it has anything to do with Sugar Taylor!

Yes, if you read my blogs at all you'll know that Sugar, Creative director and co-owner of Taylor and Hov, is not only my "Pinot and Painting" art night buddy but also part 1 of 2 of Taylor and Hov, one of the most (maybe THE most??!!) creative event planners in the DC metro area.

This, if you haven't yet met, is her more responsible, left brained, counterpart Nar.. who is all star at keeping girls on budget, on time, and sane

And that's why they make an awesome tag team left brain (Nar) + right brain (sugar) = creative, unique, artistic, weddings... that acutally stay one time and on budget!

 So when Sugar hit me up for some "50s business style shots" of course the answer is yes! Hope you enjoy!

 Hope you enjoyed! To see more of Sugar and Nar's work check out (formerly DIYva Designs)

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