Thursday, September 12, 2013

Reviews and Updates

Hey guys,

Just wanted to touch base if you haven't read my Facebook Fan Page yet, my website is being worked on my my email is temporarily down... hopefully only a few more days. Until then, feel free to email me at aline11[at]yahoo[dot]com. Sorry for the inconvininece.

Also, will you PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLLLEEEEEEASSSSE review me!!! If I've taken any pictures for you (and you haven't already reviewed me)... will you PLEASE do so?  Just click here:

PLEASE! Please please!! It takes only 3 minutes. I would be SO SO SO GRATEFUL. Not only is it helpful for brides interested in working with me for the future but I need at least 10 reviews to even be considered as a candidate for "Best Of" The Knot Vendors which I won last year bc my rockin brides took a minute to review me. so please please please will you share 2 minutes of your time to review. After 1 month of asking I've had ZERO reviews :(  I'm really bummed out. Help me out girls :) Thanks!

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