Thursday, January 9, 2014

Best of The Knot Photography Winners DC: Michelle VanTine Photography

Oh boy have I been sitting on some news... guess what I got in my inbox last week and I saved to share for my birthday (today!) ....

WOHOOOOOO! We did it! TWO YEARS IN A ROW! :)  Out of over 800 photographers The Knot chose (you can't apply for this) only 18 photographers! 18! 800..... 18. Does someone have a calculator?!?!  What an amazing honor! WOWZAS.

BIG thank you to my team mostly my right hand man Pablo De Loy who added SO much amazing work to the team this year and left all his brides with a huge smile.

Also thank you to YOU!!! my brides who wrote glowing reviews. I couldn't be me without you. Thank you a million.

Check out the Full List of 2014 Winners  and book your last vendors on your checklist. MAybe my gals Sugar and Nar at Taylor and Hov Event.

 Now you know what will make my birthday REALLY special? Do you know anyone who got this on their latest scrabble game?  If so please send them our way!! :) Copy and paste this link  Right now :) Go for it. Become your friends best bud by hooking her up with an AWESOME photog! Thanks so much in advance! 

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