Monday, January 6, 2014

Musket Ridge Wedding: Jessica and Brian

 To say that I have been pining away to get to this in my queue of blogging is an understatement.  Jessica and Brian are the SWEETEST couple. You can just see how much they love each other in the pictures. It's AH-DORBS! (are you allowed to say these kind of words when you're approaching your mid 30's?)  If you didn't see Jessica and Brian's Romantic Rustic Engagement check it out.  Then sit back and enjoy this heartfelt wedding at Musket Ridge.


 Ready to see the most GORGEOUS wedding dress ever made... ever... WOW Marchesa amazing!


And Jess, leave us a note below on who did your hair. I've seen many attempts at this disheveled   updo but this stylist really nailed it. Beautiful.

Coolest grandma ever!

I was SO confused by this picture I just HAD to put it on! 

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  1. yay! thank for you posting this. what great memories and you were so fun to have around, just doing your job - which you did so well! best wishes in 2014!

  2. Hey Michelle! These photos are absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for beautifully capturing our special day!

    My hair and Makeup artist was Lori Nansi of Le Mariee -

  3. Michelle! these Images are absolutely stunning! I adored working with Jess, she is just as beautiful inside as she is out, love her and loved this wedding!

  4. Nice dance image looks beautiful and location was beautiful i get some new idea from this blog for planning my wedding in wedding planner app iphone thanks