Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Meet Pablo!

Hey Readers! 

Today's the day! Our first video post. I wanted to break in this new development by giving you a chance to get to know Pablo a bit more.  I waited for YEARS before I found a photographer I felt like I truly trusted my brand with, and had the same artistic vision as me as we both come from a background in Fine Arts and a classical training in film photography. Pablo has been a HUGE asset to me, and an awesome unexpected friend. I hope you enjoy getting to know him a bit better!

Want to know more... here's a shot blurb I had Pablo write about himself:

Ciao, I’m Pablo. I’m originally from Uruguay and I grew up in Milan. My love and passion for photography began in the ‘radio room’ of my grandfather’s Montevideo house. As a boy, I spent hours flipping through musty issues of National Geographic and while other kids daydreamed about being soldiers or policemen I imagines myself traveling on assignments around the world taking pictures for National Geographic. 

At the age of 15 I received my first film camera from my aunt Rosario. I went on to study graphic design and photography at Caterina da Siena School of Graphic Design and Photo Arts in Italy. I began my studies in graphic design but my 3rd year of my program we had intensives in photography. Once I saw my first image appear on photo paper in the dim lights of the darkroom, I was hooked for the rest of my life. I’ve had many opportunities to display my work. I’ve held shows in Virginia, DC, and New York, and had my work printed in magazines such as the Washington Post, L.A. Times and NY times. 

My favorite project was when I was hired by Chef Jose Andres to shoot landscapes of Spain for his cookbook “Made in Spain”.

 I’ve really enjoyed the last several years digging into wedding photography with Michelle. I loved being able to capture the emotions of the day and all the special moments. I’d love to grab an espresso and chat more about your special day."

So happy to have you on the team Pablo! 

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