Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Carlyle house wedding: Michael and Becky

The wedding I am sharing today has become very dear to my heart. I have been shooting weddings now for 9 years. I always have felt honored and privileged to be able, as a complete stranger to be invited into a couple's most intimate, an life changing moments. To be allowed to come into a life, and capture love, joy, friendship and devotion is incredibly rewarding. Becky and Michael somehow made me feel like they opened their hearts. They are positively the kindest people I have ever worked with and I have never felt so welcomed by a couple as I did with them. It's hard to explain, but one thing I know is, these two loving souls will not only bring each other happiness for the rest of their lives, but also will bring it to all who's radiant love their marriage touches. I feel honored to have been part of their lives in this special time and wish them all the blessings that a marriage and life can bring.

 Love you guys, Michelle

Wedding at Carlyle House in Old Town

Had to throw a shot out to my man Austin! (P.S. Did you see the engagement photos... he kinda stole the show! If not you can click here ). Beautiful reception at Mount Vernon.... Can you believe that Becky designed this whole look herself? No planner! WOWZAS!

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