Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trust your photographer!

Just wanted to throw this example out at you all. We as photographers see things through the framework of a viewfinder. (The little square you look through on the camera).  Often,  we will see something gorgeous.... a pattern, a texture, a color.  We see a perfect shot, but it may just look to everyone one else like a messy plant hanging in a random hall way or the back of a storage unit.  Just want to exhort you... trust us! We've been looking through the viewfinder for years and we know what will make a winner shot! It may look random to a passer by, but if you feel comfortable give us a whirl and we just may surprise you!

This is a shot from last weekend's wedding. At a GORGEOUS castle...  but my eye was drawn to a hanging plant and I really think it turned out nicely. Thanks Rachel for giving me the thumbs up!

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