Sunday, October 5, 2014

Pruyn House Wedding... Casey and Zach

Oh man, I have SO many weddings I still want to blog from previous weeks... but I'm sitting here in my quiet cabin out in the woods in New York and I just can't help but go back to the pictures from Zach and Casey's amazing rustic wedding yesterday.  Vintage mirrors, red barn, locally made donuts and cider and just the sweetest, most in love, laid back couple ever. What more can a woman ask for? I'm in heaven. Hope you meet me there as you scroll....

                                                                        by Miguel

I have such a love affair with mirrors... I just can't resist those guys....

So sweet.... mom's first time seeing her daughter in the dress

by Miguel

How beautiful is the emotion on this first look?

by Miguel

by Miguel

by Miguel

Big thanks to Miguel for getting so many awesome shots

by Miguel

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And you'll LOVE visiting instagram this week for some behind the scenes from the NY wedding. Check it out @michellevantinephotography

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness!! These are so so so wonderful! Michelle and Miguel - you guys rock to the stars and back!!! <3