Monday, October 13, 2014

DC love: Meg & Erik... Architectual e-sesh

When I got a request in 2013... yes two thousand THIRTEEN for my availability for a 2015 wedding... yes FIFTEEN... I had two responses. One I giggled... of course I'm available! Then I kinda had a mini panic moment... TWO CALENDAR YEARS FROM NOW?! I don't think my life is stable enough to commit to that! LOL. But Meg had seen my work through a co-worker and was super in love so I took the dive and said yes!!! And boy am I glad. Meg and are the sweetest, goofiest, most fun couple. The only thing I hold against them is that they're making me wait so long to shoot their wedding!!! Love you guys. Hope you enjoy our very-DC engagement which, of course, included me standing on narrow bridges, climbing trees, and shooting in illegal places. Would you expect any less? 

One of the main draws Meg had to my work is the creative element. I love when clients just let me follow my eye and go with whatever my brain is cooking up. Even though this is not the time of day I usually shoot (light is to harsh in the afternoon) I really enjoyed this idea...

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YAY! Rebekah had her baby this week... isn't he adorable. Way to go girl.

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! See ya next Monday. Muah xoxoxoxo

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