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Prefered Vendor: Catering with Eat and Smile

Hey there! Happy Back-To-Work-Monday!! I know... Mondays are not people's favs which is why I try to blog each Monday to give you something smile-worthy to look forward to. YAY! Today is week two of a new series I'm starting on the blog. I will highlight which vendors I've worked with in the DMV area that I LOOOOOVE and would totally recommend. That way, as you're planning your big day, you can check out who I think are the best of the best from first hand experience. Last week I highlighted my # 1 choice for hair and makeup... Le Mariee. Today.... FOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!! YUM! 

If you follow me on Instagram @MichelleVanTinePhotography you know that I LOOOOOOVE good healty, delicous food. I'm always posting pics of my favorite culinary concoctions. Weddings are always a time that I bemone the lack of culinary cretivity. Unless, that is, I'm on the same job as DC's best wedding chefs....


  Which is today's winner...


I sent Katie over at Eat & Smile Catering some questions to fill out and you can enjoy getting to know this amazing company and what's behind the dishes coming out of their kitchen


How did you get into this industry?

Our passion for local foods inspired the creation of our company, back in 2007 when there were no caterers in the DC area using locally sourced ingredients as a foundation for their company's mission. Today we are know as the original "locavore" caterer of the DC area, sourcing produce, dairy, meats, and fish from a 175 miles radius of DC as much as possible (350 mile radius for fish) and we are proud of our green business practices and commitment to supporting our local economy in not just our ingredient sourcing, but partnering with other like-minded small businesses as well.

What do you love about what you do?

Simply put, eating and smiling! Not only do we get to create and eat delicious foods, but we also get to put smiles on so many people’s faces and help make their joyous occasion that much happier.

These pics I shot from a wedding they catered that I was the photographer on. Look at this food!!!! YUUUUUUMMMMM GOOOOOOOOORGGG!!!


What’s special about your company/ your work?

We don’t use pre-set packages or pre-set menus, and instead have a very customizable approach for our clients. We realize that when it comes to food and events, there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

What inspires you in your work? 


 Positive accolades after a successful event always feels so good. Because we are so client-oriented, we work really hard with each client to help create their special event with the vision they had in mind. So when we get it right and the client is happy, there is nothing more motivating!

Why will our brides absolutely LOVE having you as part of their big day?

We are genuinely excited about being part of a couple’s big day, not only on the big day, but also during the three months of planning leading up to the big day. Our small staff in the office are here to answer all kinds of questions in the months leading up to the event. On the day of the event, we use our own staff (never a staffing company), so there is a feeling of team and excitement for our staff to be part of someone’s wedding.

Open mic… anything else you want to share?

Among our cadres of staffers there are actually a half dozen of us who found Eat & Smile first by hiring the company to do their own wedding, and then started working for Eat & Smile because they loved the experience as a client so much! I think this makes us really unique, and says a lot about the positive experience for both clients and staffers.

Michelle's comments on the AWESOMENESS of Eat & Smile Catering

#1 Their food is INSANITY YUMMY!!!!. No kidding. I've been eating wedding food for 9 years! :) Sometimes... I don't bother eating it. Can I tell you... if they had a restaurant.... I would go there every day! It's SO fresh, and flavorful. The dishes are genuinely creative.  You can tell that these guys are artists, and their dishes are a creative expression, ... because they're food is unique and custom designed. As a person who eats gluten-free and mostly vegetarian I was shocked that I could eat half the things on the buffet at our last wedding there. Lines of dishes choc full of fresh creative salads and side dishes. It was SO yummy!!!!

#2 Their food is beautiful.

As a photographer, we mostly care what the food looks like. Even if food tastes amazing, if it doesn't photograph well... it makes for not pretty pics. I loved shooting Eat & Smile's food bc everything was gorgeous. A ombre skewer of tomatoes, a vibrant drizzle of green vinaigrette, a creative presentation of gourmet smores with perfectly bruleed marshmellows. This not only makes our job super fun... but makes for gorgeous pics in your album.  Just gorg.

I super duper give a thumbs up for caterring to  Eat & Smile Catering. You can find them online at:


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This is Pablo and I rocking at our wedding this weekend

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