Monday, February 23, 2015

Prefered Vendor: Cakes & Dessert Buzz Bakery

It's Monday. You're tired, there's snow outside, I know juuuuuuust what you need. A hot cup of coffee and a slice of this yumminess....

Random for my wedding blog?... not so much, because, last year I made the most awesome discovery. I was at my favorite coffee and "I-don't-care-I'm-gonna-be-naughty" spot and low and behold I saw one of the chefs working on a wedding cake! GAH! Seriously? They do wedding cakes? YES! (talked with the manager about all the yummy wedding deserts they do). And yes, yes!, they do cakes....  AND wedding cupcakes, AND pies,  AND cake pops... and well in that case goodbye all the other competition... winner for best  wedding Cakes and Desert.... BUZZ BAKERY!

I sent some questions over to them so you could get to know them a bit and how they came to be so darn fabulous. Courtney Blakney, the resident cake boss, sent over these answers... hope you enjoy!

ow did you get into this industry?
I moved to New York city to go to grad​uate ​school​ ​only to realize that I was the happiest in the kitchen. So I ended up enrolling in the French Culinary Institute and I have never regretted it.

What do you love about what you do?

I love creating something ​that ​ not only looks beautiful, but that also tastes amazing. Also,​
the look of joy on the faces of those who get our cakes. It makes it all worth it.

What’s special about your company/ your work?

I​t is a growing company with a small feel. It feels like a second family.

What inspires you in your work?

Little details. I really like taking a small aspect and turning it in to the focal point.

Why will our brides absolutely LOVE having you as part of their big day?

Most of the time wedding cakes are all about the look. ​At Buzz, our cakes are
 not only beautiful but taste
​delicious too​
. We are a package deal.

Open mic… anything else you want to share? 

We are lucky, because we love what we do and I believe it really shows in our creations. ​

Michelle's comments on the AWESOMENESS of this category's winner: 

Courtney hit the nail on the head with her answer about look and taste being a package deal with Buzz Bakery. With the advent of all these fun cake shows, I feel like the focus at weddings has shifted almost exclusively on the appearance of the cakes. I have photographed LOTS of beautiful cakes. There's a wide pool of competition for that criteria. BUT, I always make a point to ask the guests as I'm photographing, "Worth the calories?" and almost NEVER do I have guests gush over how it tastes. (Or I send trusty Pablo for a slice! LOL)  Like ever. Just photographing it, I can tell many cakes are dry or have other issues. Buzz really makes amazingly moist, fluffy cake, with creamy, not overly sweet icing, and amazing creative flavors. And they look beautiful too! All around winner! If you wanna check them out for your big day go over for a cupcake or contact them for more info 

If you missed our previous "Best Vendors" winners for DC you can click this link for who has won so far.

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Faith (even planner) and I at a Mickey themed part we were both working

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Pablo in Argentina visiting family and enjoying la playa during off season

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