Monday, February 16, 2015

Modern city engagement: Joey & Alex

Happy Monday!!!  Blah work... YAY pictures! Majorly pumped to share today's post. 

Joey and Alex are both in improv- which makes shooting with them fun and full of laughter. They wanted something modern, fun, colorful ... right up my alley! YAY. Just loved this session with all it's color and pattern. I always try to keep my poses creative and relaxed, I really like how some of them turned out on this session. Hope you enjoy and have a happy back-to-work Monday!

Mid session we took at quick gelato stop at a too-cute spot that had the coolest decor

I think this wall is my new favorite place in the universe!!!! If you could put my personality in a painting... this would be it! Colorful, vibrant, organized but imperfect (with the drips) ... just love this wall.

You guys ever wonder how I get my clients to laugh so much? TOTAL GOOFBALL.... me. Yup. Someday we'll have to do a video so you guys can see what a dork I am when I shoot. 

Favorite shot of the session below. It look me forever to find the perfect pose. A lot of times these shots look very natural, as though they happen organically, but usually they're orchestrated down to hand placement and angles of the feet. The 'natural, laid back' poses are the most laborious shots but SO worth it! Felt like this one really captured their personality too.


Something that Pablo does, that is brilliant, which I've picked up from him is to get a good portrait of each person. We all need a fabulous profile pic or Linked In shot don't we? 

Hope you have a WONDERFUL fantastic work week and I'll see you on the blog next Monday. If you love seeing the beautiful pics but want to see what happens behind the scenes during the week join us on!


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Muah, Michelle xoxoxox

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