Monday, February 9, 2015

St Matthew's Wedding: Lexi and Patrick

Happy Monday! Rainy (still went running in the rain... yay for being hard core!) cloudy and chilly... perfect day to be cheered up by some pretty pics right? Well last week we had Justin and Amy's way crazy urban engagement (if you missed that check it out here: )

This week I'm going back to a wedding I shot earlier this year in the heart of DC that's TOTALLY on the other end of the spectrum... but equally marvelous. These are a few shots from Lexi & Patrick's wedding at St Matthew's Cathedral and historic Mayflower hotel. Hope you enjoy. 

Hope you have a WONDERFUL fantastic work week and I'll see you on the blog next Monday. If you love seeing the beautiful pics but want to see what happens behind the scenes during the week join us on!


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Swing back Monday for more awesomeness!!

Cheers, Michelle xoxoxox

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