Monday, March 23, 2015

Winner of 2015: Washingtonian Bride and Groom Best Vendor

 This week I have a big announcement to make... I had the honor recently to discover that I was selected as the recipient for "Best Wedding Vendor" for Washingtonian's 2015 annual selection of the best in DC.  It's SUCH SUCH SUCH an honor. There are so many insanely talented and successful photographers in DC and to be counted among them is incredibly humbling.

Got a plaque in the mail as wall candy! :)

BIG Thank you to my crew: Pablo and Rebekah

They captured SOOOOOO many insanely artistic and beautiful shots in our 2014 season, this award absolutely was a team effort! Thanks guys for contributing your amazing talent!

And mostly THANK YOU to my awesome awesome couples who allowed me to share in their big day. If it wasn't for you trusting my eye and my vision (and those of Pablo and Rebekah's) there would be none of these beautiful images. Thank you SO much. Love you all MUAH!

Hope you have a WONDERFUL fantastic work week and I'll see you on the blog next Monday. If you love seeing the beautiful pics but want to see what happens behind the scenes during the week join us on!


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Muah, Michelle xoxoxox

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